Fethiye has hosted different civilizations in history and is located in the west of the Mediterranean, in a position that winks at the Aegean. This historical town, which carries the deep traces of the Lycian civilization, maintains its position as one of the most valuable districts of Muğla for years. How can you not continue! The Dead Sea (Blue Lagoon), the hidden paradise of the world on one side, Saklıkent, famous for its valleys where the Eşen river cascades, on the other side, Kayaköy, an abandoned Greek village, BC. Tilos Ancient City with a history dating back to the 12th century...

Its arms opening to the sea under the shadow of its slopes decorated with pine forests offer a fairy-tale visual feast to its visitors. Fethiye, with its location and history, is one of the most tourist-attracting districts of Turkey, with many options from the adventurous to those seeking tranquility. Despite its rapid development, Fethiye is much more than a holiday destination for many people, due to its geographical structure, living in the interior and still maintaining its historical and touristic texture in its center. Fethiye is one of the most beautiful towns of our country with its coastline that has been renewed and beautified in recent years, taste stops where new brands come, entertainment venues that blend the old and the new, and a market that attracts many tourists rather than being a local market and is mentioned even in many blogs and tourism portals around the world.

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